A downloadable asset pack

I used the Spikes.png that Rick supplied us and created a couple of hidden spikes hazard.

I gimped a bunch of sprites using the sprite supplied. Then added game objects with a renderer, collider, rigidbody, and animator using my gimped sprites. I added Hidden Spikes layers, but the hazard layer could also be used.




If you use the hazards layers, nothing needs to be added to your Die() method in the player.cs. If you add Hidden Spikes layers, you need to add them to the player.cs.

A short video of the hidden spikes in operation can be found HERE.

The prefab and sprite zip files can be downloaded and used, ONLY, in your course project if you wish. I do not know where Rick got the original spikes.png and I don't know what kind of license may or may not be attached to it. If I remember right, I think he said he created them. I'm checking with him.


I was told by Rick, that I can do what I wish the spikes hazards I created using his spikes.png asset. Therefore, those wishing to download MY hidden spikes hazards can also do what they like with them.

Install instructions

Download both the prefab and sprites zip file. After downloading, and unzipping the sprites files, create an animator controller and add it to the animator component in the prefab Inspector window. Create an animation and copy all of the sprites, in order, into the animation. Make sure you check the loop time on the animation. Add a Collider.Enabled property to the animation. On the FIRST and LAST frame, disable the Collider. On frame 7, in both animations, enable the Collider. I set the Samples value to 3 in both animations. Don't forget to add a sprite to the sprite renderer.


Hidden Spikes.prefab 4 kB
Hidden Spikes Sprites.zip 68 kB
Double Hidden Spikes.prefab 4 kB
Double Hidden Spikes Sprites.zip 68 kB

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